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Wiring devices are current-carrying electrical or electronic products that serve primarily as a connection or control point for electrical circuits within a range of 0–400 amperes, 0–600 volts (AC and DC), as well as certain non-current-carrying wiring devices.

British standard wiring device is a British Standard that specifies the common single-phase AC power plugs and sockets that are used in the United Kingdom. 

Sockets are the basis of every electrical installation. The well-thought-out modular system makes it possible to install a socket and cover into a British wall box without complication. For smooth and fast mounting, SOK supplies British standard wiring devices from the factory with the appropriate supporting frame. 

With the rich exporting experiences, full range of wiring products, strict quality control system and teams, and enthusiastic service,  the British standard wiring devices of SOK has be sold to every corner of the world.